Hello World!

May 22, 2017 by brlebtag

Greetings There! My fellow programmers,

This is my first blog post. As a programmer, I can’t start a blog without the standard ‘hello world’ shit example page.

Your face right now
Your face right now

So, let me start my first post by introducing myself:

My name is Bruno Lebtag. I am a computer scientist. I’m from Brazil and I am autodidact. I love programming, web dev, game dev, security, operation system, compilers and nerd stuffs(and yes, I am anime fan \o/). I decided to create this blog to share some thoughts, meditations and random stuffs to save for later or just for fun.

in case you’re wondering who I am

I’ll just say:

alright, that’s me!
alright, that’s me!

That’s it for today. So, see you next episode! :D

to be continued!

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